Keys To Saving: Hey- You Can’t Freeze Leftover Thanksgiving Stuffing, Can You?

So Thanksgiving is behind us, and your refrigerator is still full. Now what? If you have read my Keys To Saving, you know I try to avoid throwing away food. We usually have leftover Thanksgiving turkey and fixings once, then freeze the turkey that is still left. But what about the stuffing?

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According to StillTasty, refrigerate cooked stuffing within 2 hours of cooking. To freeze, you should place the stuffing in small airtight containers, and use within a month for best quality. More from StillTasty:

For many people, the high point of Thanksgiving isn’t the big meal itself — it’s feasting on the leftovers the next day.

To make the most of your leftovers, you’ve first got to ensure that they’re being kept in a safe storage environment. Most Thanksgiving dishes will stay fresh and tasty for at least a few days in the refrigerator and a month or more in the freezer.

Some general tips:

•     Refrigerate turkey, stuffing, gravy and other cooked side dishes within 2 hours of serving.
•     Carve turkey meat off the bones before refrigerating. Place the meat and stuffing in separate containers.
•     Divide leftovers into smaller portions and refrigerate or freeze in covered shallow containers for quicker cooling.

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