Keys To Saving: Hey, You Can’t Freeze Sliced Bread, Can You?

Sliced bread isn’t in much demand in our house. Alex has a sandwich 4-5 times a week for school, but other than that, we don’t eat much plain bread. It’s tough to buy 8 slices of bread, so what can we do?

If you have read my Keys To Saving, you know I try to avoid throwing away food. So can you freeze sliced bread? Yes you can.

Here’s how:

  • wrap the bread  in saran wrap (2 slices at a time)
  • place wrapped bread into a Ziploc bag
  • date and label the bread, place into the freezer
  • to thaw, leave on counter for 15 minutes, or microwave for a few seconds
  • bread can remain on freezer for 6 months, or longer if you’re going to use it for bread crumbs

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  1. Sandy VanHoey says:

    I keep loaves of bread in our freezer all the time and take out when other one ends. Stays fresh and never had a problem with it.

  2. Elizabeth MArrero says:

    would bread become soggy when thawing if i put it in sandwich bags then in original, bag and then in a ziploc bag in the freezer to prevent mold

    • mikealialex says:

      No, but I don’t do anything more than to use a ziploc bag. You take out the slices you need, and either let them sit out for a couple of minutes, or toast them.