Mid-Day Money Minute 2/18: Changing Your Font = Big Savings

Who knew? I didn’t. You can save up to 30% on your ink use by switching from Arial (the most commonly used font), to Century Gothic.

Ink, one of the most expensive fluids in the world, accounts for  approximately 60 per cent of the cost of a printed page and costs about  US$10,000 ($890,000) a gallon, far more than a gallon of gasoline. However,  Century Gothic consumes both less ink and less toner, a saving of about $267,000  on a gallon of ink.

Rohan Reynolds, senior marketing executive at SSP-Aptec, a  computer supplies company, told Sunday Finance that while he knew that some  fonts can use less ink, he was surprised that Century Gothic can save as much as  30 per cent of the cost.

Reynolds said that Arial and Times New Roman, the most common  fonts, would use more ink than Garamond, Courier and Century Gothic because of  the difference in the style of the fonts. He said the way a common letter such  as ‘I’ is presented on screen, suggests that one would use more ink than the  other. For example, Century Gothic has a straight ‘I’, while Arial has a flat  base, which would use more ink to print just the one letter.

“Letters are more slender in Century Gothic than Arial,” Reynolds  added. He however noted that Arial and Times New Roman are more popular because  they are the fonts accepted for business mail, some academic styles, such as the  APA format, and is used in PDF documents.

“The main reason is that it is very easy to read in whatever size  from 8, 9, to 10 point fonts,” Reynolds said about Arial.

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