Mid-Day Money Minute 2/20: Don’t Wash Your Jeans After Every Use

This is a personal favorite topic of mine. I wear jeans every day during cool weather. I own 3 pairs of jeans. Do the math: how often would I have to wash my jeans if I changed them after each time I wore them.

Levi Strauss is telling customers to take steps that will actually lead them to buy fewer pairs of jeans. The Levi’s sustainability campaign urges customers to wash their jeans less often and in cold water, a move that the company says reduces water use.       

“And they absolutely will last longer,” said Michael Kobori, vice president for social and environmental sustainability at Levi’s. He said the message was part of building trust with consumers and emphasizing the durability of the company’s products.       

I usually wear mine for 3 or 4 days, before throwing them in the wash. We save money on less water usage, as well as on the energy cost for the washer & dryer. And we buy fewer jeans, since they last longer.

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