Mid-Day Money Minute 2/22: Using Store Rainchecks To Your Advantage

Does your favorite grocery store issue rainchecks? Most grocers do, but they might not advertise it, so you will have to ask.

You can use rainchecks to your advantage, to double up the savings on sale items. How? By asking for them.

Here is a scenario: you are shopping, and you notice that Planters Peanuts are on sale for a great price. The shelf is empty, which is fine, because you weren’t going to buy them anyway, since you usually use a coupon for them. What should you do? Ask for the raincheck. The grocer doesn’t need to know that you weren’t going to buy them. Now slide the raincheck into your coupon binder, and wait for the next Planters coupon.

Here is a better scenario (my favorite): Millstone coffee is on sale for BOGO. The shelf is empty, and you ask for the raincheck. Get the maximum the store will allow. When the Millstone goes on sale again, they are now on sale for a low price, not for BOGO. You have a $2 coupon (hopefully several coupons). Use the coupons and your rainchecks. If the coffee is on sale for $6, your raincheck brings the price down to $3 (BOGO), and your coupon lowers the price to $1.

To utilize rainchecks takes patience and planning. The rewards can be tremendous. Ask you local store for their policy.

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