Mid-Day Money Minute 2/26: Don’t Spend Money On Drain Cleaners

You have everything you need to keep your drains clear, just sitting in your refrigerator.

I’ll give you a hint, think Humpty Dumpty. That’s right it’s the common egg. The egg-shell, actually.

You don’t have to use expensive, harsh, toxic chemicals to clean your drains anymore. Egg shells are excellent for this job, without any harshness to your hands, sink or drains. Just crush the shells as fine as you can and let them sit in the sink drain basket. Each time the water runs, the egg shells will make their way through to your drain pipes. Egg shells act as a safe abrasive and will help to get rid of any grease or hair buildup, or whatever other unidentified refuse you’ve had accumulating. Be sure to save all your egg shells, enough to do all the drains in your home. You’ll find that your pipes will be cleared and always flowing smoothly.

Source: Helium.com

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