Mid-day Money Minute 2/27: How To Save Money On Picture Frames

We hang a lot of pictures, so we use a lot of frames. How can you save money when you buy your frames? Here are a few suggestions from eHow:

  • Shop dollar stores. Many of the chain dollar stores have a large section of  frames with designs ranging from plain wood to bejeweled and colorful plastic or  metal.

  • Scour thrift stores, yard sales and estate sales. You can find beautiful  frames at a fraction of the original price when someone has moved, downsized,  redecorated or passed away. If you find a beautiful frame with broken or missing  glass, head to your local hardware  store, where they will cut you an inexpensive piece to fit. If the frame is a  standard size, buy a plain frame of the same size at the dollar store and use  the glass.
  • Spruce up frames. You might hit a mother lode at a yard sale and walk away  with a box of frames at pennies apiece. If they are boring or dated, fix them up  to suit your decor. A can of spray paint or some glue and glass beads can make a  world of difference.

  • Clip coupons. Craft stores such as Michaels frequently publish coupons in the  Sunday paper. Use them to garner frames at deep discounts. Or find Internet  coupons for great deals on the perfect designs for your  home.
  • Use a digital frame. While these are not necessarily cheap, consider this:  you don’t have to print your photos, and you can show off several of your  favorites using only one frame. This is also a great option if you are short on  space but long on pictures
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