Mid-day Money Minute 2/28: Save Money Buying Video Games

Luckily, Alex isn’t too demanding when it comes to video games. We have a Wii, and haven’t bought a new game for months now. My Sister however, has 2 boys, and they are constantly visiting GameStop for new games.  So how can you save money buying games?

Video games are a multi-billion dollar industry. If you`re on the cutting edge when it comes to new brand new console games, you already know they`re not cheap. However, there are ways to save when it comes to picking up video games.
Between the PC and three major consoles, new video games are getting louder, smarter and more sophisticated every year.
“They never stop making them. A big fan base. There`s no point if it`s not broken, don`t fix it,” said Dave Bloomingdale, manager of Rock 30 Games.
And if you think video games are strictly a young man`s domain, you`d be mistaken.
“Parents, grandparents, children, we get an older gentleman in here all the time, probably well in his 50s who buys consoles and games all the time,” said Bloomingdale
Accodring to Bloomingdale, when it comes to buying games, there are some ways to save. Number one, there`s no sense paying $60 for essentially the same football game every year.
“Once Madden `13 is announced, they drop the price. When the price drops, people are more interested in picking it up if they didn`t get it before, because sports games come out all the time.”
Second piece of advice, if it`s a game you don`t play anymore, trade it in. “The majority of the stuff we take in for either in-store credit or cash.”
Third, check your nearby video rental store. They often sell older games for pennies on the dollar compared to new games. And if it`s scratched in any way, you can get it repaired relatively cheap. “Scratching is what will trip up a disc. Finger prints also do it.”
The final way to save: look for a multi-player game that has a high user rating. You can invite friends over and get hours of free entertainment. Which will leave a little change in your pocket.
Bloomingdale adds even older game consoles such as Atari and Nintendo are becoming collectors items for older generations. Depending on the game, you can trade them in and make a tidy profit.

Source: KFYR TV

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