Mid-day Money Minute 3/1: Every Price Can Be Negotiated

Yes, you can negotiate every price. You might not succeed in lowering the price, but you won’t know until you try.

An example: we needed to have our Wii until repaired. I did the troubleshooting, and checked online for solutions from other consumers. No luck fixing the unit. I called the (800) # for Wii, and surprisingly got through quickly, even on a Sunday. After explaining the issue, I was quoted a price of $85 for the repair. I asked if there was any way to lower the price, as I didn’t want to spend that much money on a console we rarely used. The rep lowered the price to $65. I asked again for a better price, suggesting that the rep could speak to a supervisor to get approval. 30 seconds later, my cost came down to $42.50 for the repair. And they included FREE shipping. All because I asked.

Will you be able to lower every charge? No, but unless you give it a shot, you’ll never know.


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    I love your features–especially “Things my father sent me” and “We were all young once.” Keep up the good work. This is fast becoming my favorite email to get.