Mid-day Money Minute 3/5: Buy In Bulk- Even Chocolate Chips

Do you shop at a price club? Studies have shown that you save on average 30-35% on the cost of groceries purchased in a price club vs a grocery store. The key is to only buy what you will be able to use before needing to throw it away. It isn’t a great deal to save 40% on a gallon jug of mayo, if you don’t use much mayo. Guess where your savings go? Down the drain (or in the can).

So what items are big money savers for us? Lets look at a bag Nestle Semi-Sweet morsels at Lowes Foods (a moderately priced grocery store), at Walmart, and at BJ’s Wholesale Club (the club I belong to).

So here is what I found out. Lowes sells Nestle morsels for 24¢ per ounce. Walmart sells a bag twice as big, for 19¢ per ounce. How did BJ’s Wholesale do? Their bag is 3 times larger than Walmart, 6 times larger than Lowes. The large bag price was less than 14¢ per ounce. Now you have to say to yourself, who could use 72 ounces of chocolate morsels?

Well, we do. How long do you have to use them before they are no longer tasty? According to StillTasty, morsels have a shelf life of 2 years. So would you use 6 of the small grocery store size bags in 2 years, to save almost 50%? And yes, price clubs accept coupons too.

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  1. […] Alex loves the Wellsley Farms Italian Roast Beef for sandwiches. My local BJ’s charges $6.99 lb, a savings of $3 lb from what the local grocery store charges. And as former Miamians, we have to buy the Cuban Pork from the deli case at BJ’s too! Milk? The regular price is 50¢ or more less that what the sale price is at a grocery store. To see what kind of savings can be had for a staple item like chocolate chips, read Mid-day Money Minute 3/5: Buy In Bulk- Even Chocolate Chips. […]