Keys To Saving: Woof Woof! Hey, You Can’t Freeze My Dog Bones, Can You?

Does your dog love to chew on bones? Mine does. I’ve read all about the dangers of giving cooked bones to dogs, and of course I know about not giving them chicken bones. But what about uncooked bones?

I’ve seen “experts” take both sides of the argument. I do like to give Gypsy beef bones, usually the raw ones. I can buy a 10 lb bag of fresh bones for just a few dollars, much less than what synthetic bones would cost. But like fresh meat, fresh bones have a limited fridge time. So what do I do with the bones that Gypsy can’t chew on before they turn bad? You can’t freeze bones, can you?

Yes you can! Just like meat, bones can be frozen as well. And once your dog has gotten the marrow out of the middle of the bone, you can fill the cavity with peanut butter, dog food, or any other treat your dog likes, and let them have the bone again.

Check with your vet to see if bones are safe for your dog. Make sure the bones you give your dog are not small enough to be swallowed.

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