Keys To Saving: Hey, You Can’t Freeze Corn On The Cob, Can You?

Summer = fresh corn on the cob in our house. Grilled, roasted, in the husk or shucked, we like them all. As prices drop on fresh corn, it’s difficult to not stock up when I find a deal.

Of course, you can only eat so much corn. Fresh corn loses its flavor quickly, so it’s use it or lose it. And I hate throwing food away. So….you can’t freeze corn on the cob, can you?
Yes you can! Here’s how:

    • fill a large kettle half full of water
    • bring water to a boil
    • put the ears of corn into the boiling water so that they are covered.
    • boil for 10 minutes.
    • drain the kettle, fill half way with cold water (to cover the corn)
    • after fully cooled, wrap each ear in plastic wrap
    • place wrapped ears in a plastic storage bag, labelled and dated
    • when ready to cook, add 2-3 minutes to cooking time, there is no need to thaw  frozen corn cobs

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