Keys To Saving: Hey, You Can’t Freeze Fresh Corn In Their Husks, Can You?

Summer = Corn. I just can’t buy frozen corn, after growing up picking fresh corn right of the stalk. And I remember the County fair, where they would roast the entire corn, husk and all, over a charcoal fire, then dip the corn cob in a bucket of butter. Not exactly the healthiest way to eat corn, but we were kids. We weren’t worried about fat and calories. Now, we buy our corn in the grocery store, and most (if not all) of the husk has been removed.

Once or twice a Summer, we treat ourselves to a trip to a farm, where we pick our own corn. Usually the same farm that we visit in the Fall to walk the corn maze co-incidentally. We pick a dozen ears, and take them home. I fire up the grill, and roast them just like I remember my parents doing when I was a kid. But with only 3 of us in the family, what do you do with the rest? Can you freeze corn in the husk?

Yes you can! Here’s how:

The National Center for Home Food Preservation recommends blanching your corn husks before freezing. I don’t like to do that.

  • Remove any discolored or rough husks. Peel the fresh husks back half way and remove all silk strands. You should only freeze the freshest part of a fruit or vegetable; freezing dead layers of your corn is pointless and can affect the kernel flavor.

  • Wash the exposed ear kernels gently, rinsing away any loose dirt or particles. Place the washed ear on a towel and allow to dry completely to prevent pockets of ice from forming along the kernels. Fold the husks back to their original position after the ear is completely dry.

  • Insert your cleaned corn cobs with intact husks into a large freezer-ready bag. Fill the bag within 4 inches of the zip seal and squeeze out any excess air so the bag clings to the sides of the corn. Place the bagged ears in the freezer for up to eight months and thaw at room temperature for a few hours when you’re ready for a cob snack.

Source: eHow

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