What’s Cookin? It’s Saturday, Go Make Me A Sandwich! 6/23: Turkey, Bacon & Avocado

Saturday just seems like a great day for a sandwich. And I don’t mean a few slices of meat between 2 slices of bread wrapped in foil and thrown in a paper bag kind of sandwich. I mean a SANDWICH sandwich!

Saturday’s are special, so watch for a different special sandwich right here every Saturday.

Oh, and enjoy!


4 slices sandwich bread
10 slices of turkey lunchmeat (if deli style 4 if thicker cut)
2 slices cooked bacon
2 thin slices of cheddar
1 avocado sliced thinly
1 roma tomato sliced thinly
lots of green leafy lettuce


Toast the bread lightly. Spread one side of each slice with mustard. Lay half of the cheese on each of two slices of bread. Top each with half an avocado, fanning the slices out. Top the avocado with half the tomato slices, lettuce and then half the turkey. Place other slice of bread on top and press down lightly. Cut in half to serve.

Source: EatingRichly

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