What’s Cookin? Kid Friendly Wacky Wednesday 10/31: Halloween Eyeball Donuts

Spaghetti tacos? Of course! It doesn’t get much more kid friendly than that! When I was a child, “kid friendly” meant a smaller portion of what Mom & Dad were having. Not today though. There seems to be an entire sub culture of recipes geared at just the young (not usually just the young at heart).

Just because they are young, doesn’t mean they can’t eat healthy. Spaghetti tacos at our house feature whole wheat spaghetti, ground corn taco shells, and fresh tomato sauce. And cheese of course. Lots of cheese. Watch for a new Kid Friendly recipe every Wacky Wednesday. Same bat channel, same bat time. Or something like that.

OAE (Oh, and enjoy)


2 dozen plain donut holes
12 oz. white chocolate chips, melted
Blue and green food coloring
24 semi-sweet chocolate chips
Red gel decorator’s frosting
Wooden skewers


1. Melt white chocolate in a double boiler or in the microwave.

2. Place one donut hole on a skewer and dip into melted white chocolate, rolling to coat. Let excess chocolate drip away.

3. Place on waxed paper to set.

4. Repeat with remaining donut holes.

5. Divide remaining white chocolate into two batches. To one batch, add green food coloring. To the other, add blue.

6. Make a small, round iris on one chocolate-covered donut hole. Immediately add the chocolate chip “pupil” (you can also use mini chips).

7. Repeat with the rest of your “eyeballs,” making half green eyes and half blue. Or simply make them all one color.

8. Paint on irritated red “veins” using red gel decorator’s frosting.

Source: DivineDinnerParty

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