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Enfamil is giving away FREE gift sets (up to $250 value).

In the past, you have to print a voucher to bring to the hospital in order to get your gift set. NOW you can get it mailed to your home. Shipping takes up to 8 weeks. The picture below is the actual gift set that was received from this promotion. The set came with a reusable shopping tote with inside pocket, a box of 12 nursette bottles of Enfamil formula, a bottle cooler with strap that  can be attached to your diaper bag or tote,  a reusable ice pack and a matching coupon clutch. There were also lots of coupons for Lysol and Enfamil products.

I am really loving this cute bag and you can always donate the items you won’t need or use!

1.Click here to check it out!

2. Fill in your info where it says “start here to join for free” in big red letters.

3. Pick option 3, the enfamil one.

4. Click “join now”

5. Then they will give you the option for other offers but if you are not interested in them, click skip on each one, and then it will bring you to the enfamil deal where you can enter your shipping info.


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