You Are Due…

I thought a 6 month Birthday party for Alex was a great idea. Little did I know that it would set an expectation for a 18 month birthday party too. Notice the chewed on plate? That wasn’t me. And even back then, Alex was a Mommy’s little girl. I’m still waiting for that to change.

I tell my Daughter about a near disaster we had on the day that she was born. My Wife went into labor at 7 AM, and by 3 PM I was starving. Hey, just because she was too busy to eat, why should I suffer? So I made a quick trip to the Hospital cafeteria for a hot dog, and ate it as I walked back to the maternity ward. The fact that I was ALMOST late for Alex’s entrance to the World, seems to get overlooked. I wasn’t late, making it just in time to assist in the delivery of my beautiful Daughter at 4:07 PM On July 29, 2000. It wouldn’t have been funny if I was late, not nearly as funny as the pictures that I’ll add to this page every evening.

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